You will find below the documents composing the campaign toolkit you will need to participate to the Frack-Free campaign.

The toolkit includes:

  • The context and the presentation of the campaign (HERE-pdf).
  • A template letter you can send to candidates for the European Parliament’s elections (HERE-word) (HERE-pdf).
  • The pledge declaration to be signed by candidates to the European Parliament’s elections (HERE-word) (HERE-pdf).

Contact us at this email address when a candidate signs the declaration: frack-free-europe@nongazdeschiste.fr

And don’t forget to send us a scanned copy of the declaration signed by the candidate.

The Frack-Free Europe logo is available here:

You can also find:

You can find here a poster example (HERE-pdf).

In order to guarantee the uniformity of the campaign and respect its visual identity, please make sure to always use the Verdana font and to put the logo of your organisation/group at the bottom of the page, aligned in the center.

Badges : color – Ø 45 mm. They will be provided for the candidates. You would have to cover the shipping costs and the extra badges you would need for your campaign activities (price : €0,25 per unit).

Please contact us at this email address: frack-free-europe@nongazdeschiste.fr, to order badges, communicate the delivery address and mention the number of badges you would need for candidates and for your personal campaign actions.